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The course introduces the students to Indian Classical Literature like Shakutala and Mahabharata.

The course introduces the creative writing to students

The course teaches the students on British Poetry and Drama - 14th to 17th century. Geoffrey Chaucers's The Wife of Bath's Prologue, selected sonnets by Edmund Spencer and two metaphysical poems by John Donne are included in this course. Apart from poetry, the students are introduced to plays such as Tamburlaine by Christopher Marlowe, Hamlet by William Shakespeare and Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare.

Unit I: Algae 15 Lectures
Characteristic features, range of thallus organization, cell structure and components, pigment
system, reserve food materials, reproduction and classification proposed by Fritsch and Lee.
Thallus structures, reproduction and life cycle of Cyanophyta (Nostoc, Oscillatoria,
Spirulina); Chlorophyta (Chlamydomonas, Volvox, Oedogonium, Coleochaete); Charophyta
(Chara); Xanthophyta (Vaucheria); Phaeophyta (Ectocarpus); Rhodophyta (Polysiphonia)
and the economic importance of Algae

General characters and classification, early land plants ( Cooksonia and Rhynia), reproduction and life cycle of Psilotum , Lycopodium, Selaginella,Equisetum, Pteris & Marsilea...,. etc.

In this course we will be learning about Research Methodology.